What is SEO?

SEO graphicSearch Engine Optimization(SEO) refers to any of a number of stratagems businesses use to help their website show up ahead of their competition on websites such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.  At Computer Network Consultants, we offer a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services to help your business become number one!

What to Expect

SEO is a two phase operation.  When we take on a new website, we inspect it for over 200 indicators that can either help or hurt your search engine rankings.  With so many possible pitfalls, even a professionally developed site often has a number of issues to address.  Resolving these configuration issues are essential toward raising your site’s rankings.

The second phase of your Search Engine Optimization is the maintenance phase.  Certain SEO rules analyze how a website grows and changes over time; so, certain stratagems can not be implemented at the initial configuration stage.  Search engines also constantly changing their methods.   Things that were once considered golden rules may now get you penalized, and vise versa.  For these reasons, SEO Maintenance is an ongoing process that should be continued for the duration of your website’s existence.

Is it Necessary?

Some SEO is almost always necessary to make your site show up in the first few results on major search engines; however, the level of work you will need is industry specific.  Businesses with more competition require more to gain rankings; so, we work closely with each client to find the appropriate level of SEO to fit their exact needs.

Keeping it White Hat

Computer Network Consultants is a 100% White Hat provider.  This means that we only use techniques approved by the major Search Engine providers to maximize your results since these methods are guaranteed to generate the best results over time.  If an SEO consultant ever suggests that they have a way to “fool the system”, you should look elsewhere since these Black Hat consultants are known for getting domains penalized or even banned from search results in exchange for a short term boost in results.

Our Primary Methods Include

  • Meta Data/Site Map Optimization: Properly configuring the “invisible” data on your website that search engines use to index your site.
  • Organic Optimization: Evaluating the “visible” content of your website to make sure that that it returns the results you expect it to.
  • Velocity Management: Managing the growth of your site in a way that appears both active and natural to search engines.
  • Black Hat Vigilance: With so many rules out there of what search engines don’t like to see, it is not uncommon to break the rules by accident.  As such, we regularly audit our sites for common violations and new regulations as they come out.
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